Nada Congratulates Prof. Jorg Fachner!
How does music therapy work? His Brain study sheds light!  
Music therapy works, but no one is really sure how. Now, a novel type of brain scan may provide key insight. Using GIM as their focus, a team led by two experts from Anglia Ruskin University, in the United Kingdom - Prof. Jorg Fachner and Clemens Maidhof, Ph.D. - set out to find the answer. Their findings appear in the journal Frontiers in Psychology

In the current study, the researchers used hyperscanning - a procedure that can simultaneously record two people's brain activities - to study a music therapist's session with a client. The method, says lead author Prof. Fachner, "can show the tiny, otherwise imperceptible, changes that take place during therapy."

When the client's brain switched from negative emotions to positive ones, their EEG recording clearly showcased this. A few moments later, the therapist's brain showed the exact same pattern.Both the therapist and client later identified this moment as a point when they felt that the session was working. Not only were their thoughts in sync, but their brain activity, too.The researchers also noted increased activity in both participants' visual cortexes during these moments of change. ((Published Saturday 3 August 2019 (Courtesy: Medical News Today))

Prof. Jorg Fachner - the lead researcher - was a friend of Nada - who visited Chennai to attend Nada's First International Conference held in the year 2006. He can be seen in the photo - being welcomed by Dr T. V. Sairam in the First International Conference held in Chennai in 2006. The Team Nada congratulates him and his team for this path-breaking news! Jorg , You did it!

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